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An immigrant’s story through stitched threads. In 1992, our mother Ermina migrated to Brooklyn, New York, leaving behind the war-torn country of Yugoslavia in pursuit of a better life in America. In our first collection, ‘Planted From The Roots,’ we shared the story of Ermina’s strong love for gardening—a metaphorical reflection of how she has nurtured and cultivated close family bonds, much like tending to her four kids and watching us grow. Inspired by Ermina's hardships, her four children—Dalila, Endila, Denir, and Enir—along with their childhood best friend Joseph, created Dear Ermina.  

Our second collection, ‘The 1992 Varsity Collection,’ pays tribute to our shared love for fútbol, which was deeply rooted in our Balkan upbringing. This collection reflects the game that shaped our childhoods and the close bonds it forged among us. Our parents, determined to share the essence of their heritage, instilled in us this passion for fútbol. They viewed the game as a source of collective hope and joy, bestowed upon them and countless others by the universal sport during periods of unpredictability. 

 Driven by our shared passion of fútbol, clothing, and storytelling, we are able to produce highly sustainable pieces that portray an immigrant’s story. Every piece we craft, serves as a canvas for our family’s stories and the narratives of immigrants all over the world. We thank you for joining us on this journey and for becoming a part of the Dear Ermina family.